Today on Like It Matters Radio Mr. Black is doing a listener requested follow up.  Etymology is the study of words, their origin, their meaning, their use.  The “Paramnesia and Confabulations oh my” radio show got tons of feedback.  Many listeners asked Mr. Black to go further in Detail of the Pattern of Declining Nations.  In his book, “Our Dance Has turned to Death”, Carl Wilson identifies the common pattern of decline in the 2 great empires of Greece and Rome.  Patterns let us know why we are getting what we are getting.  Once we have identified the pattern we must then ask ourselves the question, “Is this getting me what I want?”  The definition of insanity is doing the SAME THING over and over and expecting different results. Tune into Like It Matters Radio for an hour of Power as Mr. Black goes deeper into, “The Great Decline”.

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