LIM RADIO REPLAY; Sweet Tomatoes!

Today on Like it Matters Radio Mr. Black wants to close the loop.  Our actions are not in a vacuum.  Isaac Newton’s 3rd law of Motion states, ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’. In other words, force is never singular- it occurs with something else. Force occurs in pairs. When one body pushes against another, the second pushes back as hard. There are many names for cause and effect, this A, negating B. This is a law, a guarantee. This is also how our lives work. We must realize choices, and decisions don’t operate in a vacuum- they cause a domino effect in our lives and the lives of others. Leaders , have a vision- which is the ability to connect the dots, and the consequences of our choices.  Tune into Like It Matters Radio for an hour of power as Mr. Black elucidates: Sweet Tomatoes.

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