LIM RADIO Replay; Programming=Narrative.

Today on Like It Matters Radio Mr. Black is opening our ‘Glove Box’. Don’t worry, your car is safe- Mr. Black is not taking up America’s new pastime, car-jacking. We all know the ‘glove compartment’ in your vehicle is where you will find the ‘owners manual’. The ‘Owners Manual’, explains where to find things, what signs mean and how to handle emergency’s with the vehicle. As beings called human, we too have an owners manual, a set of instructions that will help you on your life journey. This is one of the keys to life, and understanding the underlying program will give one great freedom and power. Tune into Like It Matters Radio for an hour of power as Mr. Black illuminates how we create this program and the power it possesses. Enjoy today’s radio show titled; Narrative=Programming.
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