December 31. 2021

The LORD says to my Lord: “Sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool.” -Psalm 110:1 ESV

No other passage from the Old Testament is quoted more by New Testament authors than Psalm 110:1. Because of its frequent citation, we might want to know a bit more about it! The subject is THE PRIEST KING. The Priest King here spoken of is David’s Lord, a mysterious personage typified by Melchizedek, and looked for by the Jews as the Messiah. He is none other than the apostle and high priest of our profession, Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews.

Leader, In David’s day, it was common for a king to symbolize his conquest of another kingdom by using the defeated ruler’s neck as a footstool. In this Psalm, we have a prophesy that is proclaiming that the Messiah would rule at the “right hand” of God—this is a metaphor that symbolizes power—until he subjugated his enemies by putting his foot on their necks. In almost every instance, the NT authors associate this verse with Christ’s death and resurrection.

Conduit, in this MOST QUOTED Psalm we see that Jesus’ death and resurrection were the means by which HE gained the decisive upper hand over the enemies of God. The work of the cross and the resurrection of Jesus, is about dethroning a cruel, illegitimate ruler and reinstating a loving, legitimate one: Jesus Christ. Without the incarnate Jesus- none of this matters! GOD WITH US- EMMANUEL, is the gift of Christmas! You are part of that plan- so today, pray for God to use you FOR HIS GLORY! Let us be Thankful and honor God the Father for the gift of ‘the Babe in the manger’. Amen.


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