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Today on Like It Matters radio Mr. Black is going to close out, CHANGE week. Discovery channel has Shark week, at LIM Radio, we regularly have, Change Week!   Change is about, change. A little bit better today, than yesterday. A little better tomorrow, than today.  Constant And Never ending Improvement! (CANI). Once we realize change is a bunch of B.S. and everything we do, or DO NOT DO, is driven by a Belief System- that’s when we truly GET IT! Change is one of the highest Belief Systens there is! The need to change, the desire to change, the WILL to change! Tune into Like It Matters Radio today as Mr. Black talks about; Team 226: Change is B.S.

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Listen live 11-12 noon CST search Freedom Radio 1570 on iHeartRadio or stream online at
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