LIM Radio Replay- Mr Blacks heart!

Today on Like it Matters Radio Mr. Black talks about the battlefield of the mind. We have 30-60,000 thoughts per day. Those thoughts either lift us up, or tear us down. They make us bitter or better. Olympian Simone Biles just showed the world, no matter his gifted, talented, trained up, revved up- the battle is in the mind! Mr. Black will be joined by recent graduates of Leadership Awakening, Team 225 who were victorious in winning the Cognitive battle. We are at war with our past, our pain, our insecurities and our pride- when we are aware of the battle we can be victorious. Tune into Like It Matters Radio, for an hour of power as Mr. Black discusses; Demons in the Mind-field with Team 225.
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Listen live 11-12 noon CST search Freedom Radio 1570 on iHeartRadio or stream online at
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