Mind, Body and Spirit.. We need YOUR help!!

Man is a three-fold being.  I am a SPIRIT. I LIVE in a body, I Possess a consciousness.   The real me is SPIRIT.  The Body is the MEDIUM by which my Spirit expresses itself and I possess a consciousness.

Realize, plant life exists on a Physical plane.  Animal life exists on a Physical and Conscious plane – (Social\Mental). However, human beings, Man exists on a Physical, Conscious and Spiritual Plane. In the same degree by which the plant life is separated from the animal life by the inclusion of the consciousness\mental, Man is also separated from animal life by the inclusion of the Spirit aspect of his nature.

At Like It Matters we feed and equip you at all three levels of your existence.  This allows for one to truly be UNDER CONSTRUCTION with Like It Matters- because IT DOES!

We need your help!  Salvation is free, but the Ministry costs!

We are committed to EQUIPPING and FEEDING those fighting the good fight!

We feed and equip the physical body with our Leadership Training. http://www.LikeItMatters.net

We feed and equip the mind with our daily radio show. http://www.likeitmatters.net

We feed and equip the Spirit with this blog. http://www.wayofwarrior.blog

And to provide another avenue to get FED and EQUIPPED, check out our brand-new PODCAST: Living Life Like It Matters- which will launch April 15th.  You will be able to find it wherever you find podcasts.  

All these avenues we provide have a cost, and they cost money.  With the exception of our Leadership Training, where those that are able- pay for the training.  Those that are not able, still go, but we take care of the costs. 

Please we need your funding and your support.  We feed people daily in all three areas of our existence, please do not allow our cupboards to go dry and our account to remain at zero!  We are true CONDUITS, whatever comes in we pass through so we can serve others.  Help us help you and help your world!

Please donate your best gift at THIS LINK

And consider making a recurring monthly donation to the cause.  Remember we are a registered 501c3, so all donations to Like It Matters are tax deductible!  Thank you in advance for your generous donation!

Mr. Black


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