Giving Tuesday

Hello Friends and Family of LIM- Like It Matters.

We would like to remind you to REMEMBER Like It Matters on GIVING TUESDAY.  Money can buy a lot of things- but it can’t buy LOVE, nor HOPE!  Hal Lindsey profoundly said, “Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air- but only for one second without hope.”  At Like It Matters we create, stir up and help others find HOPE, and inspire others!  Your donation on GIVING TUESDAY will allow us to bring hope to many.

Tomorrow is a day that nonprofits are encouraging people to focus on donating to those who help others.  Tomorrow Like It Matters would be honored to use your dollars to help others experience hope in their personal, professional and spiritual lives.  In the age of pandemics and closures, the season of fear and the unknown- hope is sparse and HOPE IS IN NEED!   At Like It Matters 501c3 we bring hope through our daily radio show;, through our Leadership Training;, through our one on one counseling, coaching and life-caddy work and through our daily sharing of God’s word and the application of that word through

If you are thankful for what Like It Matters is doing, and has done- in the hearts and minds of yourself and others, we are asking you to consider committing to help us by making a generous donation. For almost 30 years we have been changing lives by changing hearts and minds. Covid 19 has had a great impact on Like It Matters and the way we do business. We have transitioned from being a fee for service training company to a nonprofit that is helping others no matter their financial means and relying on donations to fund our mission and ministry. Whether large or small your donation will make an impact for the Kingdom and for those in need that cross paths with any member of Like It Matters familia.

Thank you in advance for sharing, caring and helping Like It Matters bring HOPE to a hope-deprived world at a hope-depleted time.  You could be the one to feed someone’s soul and help us, help them, Live their life- LIKE IT MATTERS. 

Thanks in advance for however God leads you to give.

Ready to give?


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