The Cause and the Cure


What time is it?  It is time to get back to doing our transformational training.  We have been in shutdown mode for 3 months and now, Thursday June 11, we will do our first Leadership Awakening since Mid-March.  We are doing a class for one of our oldest continuous clients, The Car Medic.

We will have 8 people in class.  We are NOT changing our class.  So we will not be social distancing, we will have masks and we will find out how this whole thing works out.  There are so many unknowns, but we do know based on mass protests and riots- that people can be close together, get emotionally involved, project and get stirred up on the streets of America.  If we can do it on the streets all over the country, then we should be able to do it in a secluded classroom, where we are working to become the best version of ourselves, taking responsibility for what we do between the stimulus and the response.


We have been told to “socially distance” and keep people 6.5 feet apart at all times. A friend and graduate of LIM said it should be called, PHYSICAL DISTANCING, because that is what it really is.  But after much talk we realized that the purpose is not just to physically separate us but also socially separate us.  Our marriages, our relationships and psyche has been socially distancing for years now, and we have been working to create an intimacy- to people, to our past and to our future.  We want and need to be emotionally involved with our purpose and our people!

One of the reasons we started doing our training 30 years ago is because people were distancing themselves from family, friends, God, and a greater understanding of who they are.  Leadership Awakening exposes people to an intimacy with people that very few ever experience and creates an environment where people can remove barriers, understand themselves, clean up their heads and hearts and learn how to intimately connect to another human being.

However, because of Covid19 and the ensuing power grab of the ruling elite, we have been more socially distant and emotionally distant.  This is the whole purpose for the training we do at LIM; to combat that negative trend and to help people become all they were created to be.  As we work to rebuild and restart our mission to help people maximize their potentials they were created with, we will be dealing with the new fears that society and the media have programmed us to question or believe. We also face many obstacles, many unknowns, and waters unchartered. All will be known in due time as to how well we do, and how we will be able to move forward.

We will continue re-open our company and our training based on what the ruling elite allows us to do and what becomes acceptable based on the ever-changing new reality that we seem to live in.  Now it is more critical than ever that we help people learn how to process the events of the day with the machinations of the human experience, with an outcome designed to help people get MORE out of life, relationships and walk with God. However, to continue to be in existence and to continue changing this world, one person at a time, we will be adapting and creating something new to bring to communities in need across our country. We will continue to do 3-day intensives; Leadership Awakening and Leadership Adventure, but there will be less classes on the schedule, and we will start focusing on our communities and the mental health pandemic that is overtaking our country.

Like It Matters is now a 501c3, so we are now a tax-deductible organization and our future is now.  I am in the development stage of creating a community workshop that will allow us to impact more people, with more needs and with no resources to pay.  I am in the process of creating the program called, “Taking back your power and your freedom: Mental Health”.  I am excited to be able to serve those with the greatest need, the most un-served and high-risk in our communities starting with Fort Worth, then moving the training to Minneapolis, Chicago, then Sacramento and Kernersville, North Carolina- all places we have been serving for years and have lives on the ground that can help us serve each community helping people; Take back their Power and their Freedom through good mental health.

We will continue to do Awakenings, government permitting, but in a vastly reduced number and by invitation only.  We will be transitioning to a primarily non-profit mode as we serve those in highest risk and need category.  Which means we need supporters.  We need people willing to donate, to support this great undertaking! We need people regularly donating to Like it Matters to support our work, our radio show, and our communities to feel empowered and in control of what happens between the stimulus and response.  This is a new phase for Like It Matters and I believe, with help from our graduates and those who want to make an impact in our communities so that people feel they matter, that they have power and they have the freedom of mind to have peace, security and good mental health.

We need your help, to fix what ails us.  We need your support through finances, prayers, and participation.  With all the pain in our communities, help us help people learn how to direct and use this pain and uncertainty to help make us all better.  Better in our lives, in our relationships and in our community.  All donations are tax-deductible and all LIVES that we come in contact with will know they have value, they matter, and they have more control than most understand.  We need large one-time donations, as well as monthly power partners, people who genuinely want to build our communities, not by protesting, destroying, and attacking each other, but by teaching people some of the most important knowledge in life.  The understanding that they are the master of their destiny, that no one can make them feel anything without their participation.  To help them be empowered to be whoever, and whatever they choose to be and most importantly, to WILL their own state of mind.

I have known many of you for years, we have changed lives together.  I am asking for you to join me again to change our world.  Time is running short, nerves are frayed, and minds are being disillusioned.  Remember the universal truth; Hurting people Hurt people.  Please work with us to give people back their power and their freedom and to use their pain for a positive purpose. In a recent Census survey 1\3 of Americans have mental struggles and issues- and those are the ones who admit it, so the number is most likely higher.  You can truly save a marriage, save a business, save a life by supporting Like It Matters with your tax-deductible gifts.  Consider signing up as a monthly Power and Freedom Warrior so that everybody, with any need can be empowered to LIVE THEIR LIFE LIKE IT MATTERS.

CLICK HERE to donate and be apart of this awesome cause and cure!

Please check out our new, reduced, updated schedule for Leadership Awakening and Leadership Adventure classes. I do not know how many more of these transformational trainings we will do so THE TIME IS NOW to register for your life-changing training!  We have built our schedule lightly as we re-start our economy, and will be adding dates as needed based on participation.  If I have ever helped you, please consider helping us, by donating to Like It Matters 501c3 so we can build our communities become better than ever! Help us to inspire our families at a deeper level and help people take back their power and their freedom with Good Mental Health.

With Passion-HBS

Scott V. Black; Radio show host; Master Trainer

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