December 15. 2019

For neither circumcision counts for anything nor uncircumcision, but keeping the commandments of God. Each one should remain in the condition in which he was called.- 1 Cor 7:19-20 ESV


Paul’s message in these passages to the Corinthian church resound with the word REMAIN! He goes through a litany of relationships and ‘lots in life’. His constant refrain is REMAIN! We get so wrapped up in SAVING people from their ‘religion’, saving people from their bad marriage, or saving people from the curse of being single. He goes through slaves and bond-servants, freemen, and circumcised or not circumcised- Paul basically is telling us although it does affect us on this planet, what really matters is eternity- REMAIN close to God!

Leader, Paul is NOT being cold or uncaring, what He is doing is wanting to get us focused on that which lasts for eternity; Keep the commandments of God, Honor God in whatever situation you are in. He tells us why in v31; for this present form of this world is passing away. So, brothers and sisters in whatever condition each was called, there let them remain with God.

Conduit, brothers and sisters: the appointed time has grown very short. We are to be about our Fathers business. Jesus spoke about the Kingdom of God more than He spoke about anything else. THE TIME IS NOW, to quit dealing with the petty things of this world and to be like JESUS and bring people into a saving relationship with the SAVIOR of the world BY bringing people into a saving knowledge and intimate relationship with Jesus, Isa Al-Maseeh! Jesus saves and changes hearts!

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