January 10. 2019

Now there are also many other things that Jesus did. Were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. – John 21:25 ESV


The Bible does not specifically mention how old Jesus was when he died and when He started His ministry. Through much study of others, over the years, we can say, ‘most likely’, Christ started his public ministry at about the age of 30 years old. And even though, no one knows exactly how old Jesus was when He died on the cross, He was probably 33 years of age. Jesus earthly ministry was three years. In that short period of time, look at what was written about our Savior and our Lord. And yet, a vast majority, to almost an exclusion, is written about the 3 years of His ministry.

Leader, what an example! We read about the healings and the interactions of Jesus with all types of people. Jesus interacted with religious leaders, and beggars. He talked with those who sought after Him and those who sought to destroy Him. He walked with the sick and the lowly of society, and He shared time with the wealthy and the those in the world who had so much, they needed no God. He had interactions with those who believed and with those who refused to believe. The entire Bible is about Jesus. The old Testament tells us of His coming and the need for His coming. The New Testament tells us of what happened when He did come. And All the great things about Jesus, pre-incarnate, incarnate and post-incarnate are written- it is called the Bible and yet…only a small percentage of what He did is written in that HOLY BOOK.

Conduit, this is our example, HE IS THE WAY. John was telling us that everyday activities of Jesus were impressive. Every interaction of Jesus, no matter how commonplace, no matter how minuscule, was impactful. When He arose in the morning and greeted those in his personal space. The people He walked by and interacted with daily. The little girl on the corner, the beggar at the temple, the lonely sojourner that He made nothing but eye contact with- all were important, meaningful and worthy to be documented. John said if all that was listed of his 3 or 33 years on this planet- THE BOOKS OF THE WORLD could not contain them all, nor the world itself. This is our example, we are meant to be LIGHT in the darkness, HOPE in a hopeless world, BREAD to people who are hungry and LIFE to people who are dying. To all, everyday- not just some, occasionally. Jesus is our example. If everything you did; For God, to the Glory of God and in the name of GOD was listed out- How many books could be written about you and what you did? When you live your life- LIKE IT MATTERS- to the GLORY OF GOD, your life is worth documenting! Today’s question to ponder: if being a follower of Jesus Christ was a crime, would there be enough evidence you to convict you? The time is NOW, to start living for CHRIST and start living LIKE CHRIST! Do it EVERYDAY, with EVERY person in EVERY moment.

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