August 10. 2018

The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion. – Proverbs 28:1 ESV


Our Lord is referred to as the LION from the tribe of JUDAH! Jesus, is the WAY- and, HE is the EXAMPLE. So He gave us permission to be BOLD and He created the environment in our HEART, to ACT in accordance with HIS righteousness. Rom 3:22 tells us; This righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe.

Leader, with CHRIST in us we are TO BE strong in the grace of Christ and in the power of HIS might to do the work He has prepared in advance for us. We are called to endure hardness as good soldiers of Christ, to wrestle with principalities and powers, and to bear the infirmities of the weak. Committed followers are also to have courage and fortitude of mind, boldness in preaching the Gospel.

Conduit, with CHRIST INSIDE we do NOT fear the faces of men, nor their reviling’s. Today ACT AS IF, your Daddy-ABBA- is the KING OF THE JUNGLE. Be like a lion- which is the mightiest of beasts and does not turn back before any- to the glory of God!

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