August 5. 2018

“So I will make you groan like a wagon loaded down with sheaves of grain. Your fastest runners will not get away. The strongest among you will become weak. Even mighty warriors will be unable to save themselves. The archers will not stand their ground. The swiftest runners won’t be fast enough to escape. Even those riding horses won’t be able to save themselves. On that day the most courageous of your fighting men will drop their weapons and run for their lives,” says the LORD. – Amos 2:13-16 NLT


Pride comes before a fall! To trust in the flesh, when the Battle is the Lords, is like bringing a KNIFE to a Gunfight. (Eph 6:10-12) The ‘heavy load’ is the burden of sin that impedes us individually, and as a nation, from staying on the STRAIGHT and NARROW PATH.

Leader, Trust in the LORD with all your HEART, and lean not on your own perceived, power, gifts and talents! The Bible reveals that the cause of the rise and fall of nations is moral and spiritual. As Amos shows, no nation can rely on its strength, power, and wealth to save it from the devastating effects of moral decay. Moral, ethical, and spiritual problems cannot be resolved by money, strength of arms, “Star Wars” projects, social programs, intelligence, or humanitarian goodwill. We must humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways and TURN TO GOD!

Conduit, This is idiomatic; a heavily loaded cart with a broken wheel that carves deep ruts in the road and throws its occupants into ditches. The context implies that the heavy load is the crushing burden of sins that impede men and nations from staying on “the straight and narrow” (Matthew 7:14). The TIME IS NOW: get your flesh behind you- and GOD’s glory before you! Seek He first the KINGDOM OF GOD, then…! Amen

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