Addition to July 7. 2018

There is very little from the life of Jesus that is recorded in all four Gospels. One of The reason for that could be, because John wrote his Gospel around 30 years after the others, and knowing what Matthew, Mark, and Luke had
recorded, maybe John wasn’t wanting to be repetitive. He was writing to be
complementary. Perhaps, for that reason, there is very little in John that is present in the other three Gospels.
Here’s what the Gospels have in common: All of them record four stories and
three predictions. The four stories they all mention are the baptism of Christ, the feeding of the five thousand, the triumphal entry, and the
passion of Christ (crucifixion/resurrection). All four Gospels record three predictions: Jesus predicted His betrayal, Peter’s denial, and His passion.
But there is no teaching of Christ contained in all four Gospels. With one exception.
To Gain your LIFE, you must GIVE IT UP for GOD!

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